Want to cite APA essay format, then follow our guides

As we know that writing a term paper must need a proper format whether it is APA format or MLA format. If you select the APA term paper format, then you need to know about it. APA stands for American Psychological Association. Most of the students were select the APA format because it is based on the scientific topic. Many behavior and social science use the APA format essay example or organization’s principles and plans. Now let discuss science and social science.

Behavioral science is the study of human behavior as well as animal behavior. It includes:

  • Neuroscience
  • Cognitive science
  • Psychology

Social science is focused on a single and specific aspect of human behavior and social relationship. It includes:

  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Human geography
  • Sociology

APA format essay example:

  • Paper categories
  • General length
  • Margin sizes
  • Title page
  • Running Heads
  • APA outlines
  • Abstract
  • Body
  • Usage of heading and subheading
  • Use tables and figures

Guidelines for writing a body

  1. While you are writing the main content in an organization, you need to use the running head. The running head must be different from the page of the abstract. The running head also includes the page number. Make sure that the title must be in capital and bold.
  2. If there is another title, then write it in another line, and there is no need to make it bright, italicize or underline.
  3. Start the body from the introduction and the first line of the paragraph must be attractive.
  4. The presentation must present the problem and solution for research. It needs more detail about the problem rather than the abstract.
  5. Start a new paragraph use the word Method as a subtitle. Make it bold and center this subtitle; it shows how the study was conducted.
  6. Next, start one more section and write Result as next subtitle. Do the same process which you have done in the above.
  7. Use charts and graphs to display your data collection.
  8. Make another section Discussion. Make it bold and center, this section gives you the chance to examine the result.
  9. The last part is to make a conclusion and confirm about the result. Use the supported sentence to prove yourself.

So, now you can make your APA essay in a proper format. These tips will help you in framing your thought in an article.