Wengie Has Plenty of Diet Tips, but What’s inside Her Kitchen?

There is no denying that Wengie is an advocate for fashion, beauty, and diet advice. While everyone loves looking good on the outside, a lot of people still prefer to feel great inside, too. Alas, Wengie takes to YouTube to discuss some healthy meal options that keep her so trim, but her viewers cannot help but want to know what her kitchen looks like. Well, the day finally came, and those who are a little Wengie crazed can see just where she keeps her diet-friendly ingredients.

The second you walk into Wengie’s apartment, you are greeted by very bright, white walls that allow her decor to stand out on its own. The first room is the entire point of the curiosity: the kitchen. Plenty of cupboards, drawers, and a sleek, white counter make for a sophisticated yet modern look that screams, “Wengie!” To the right is a pretty impressive shoe rack (do not worry; it is away from the cooking space), and the front view looks out into her spacious living room that doubles as a sunroom.

Plenty of appliances sit atop the counters and, of course, a red teapot accents the stove. Unfortunately, we did not catch a glimpse of what the fridge has in it, but one can only assume that it has lots of fresh fruits and veggies. The best part of the brief kitchen tour, though, was Wengie’s statement exclaiming just how much she loves her simple kitchen, and that it serves its intended purpose. Plenty of windows light the room during the day, and simple lighting works wonders at night.


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