Eric Lefkofsky: A Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofksy is an American entrepreneur who was born in 1969. Eric grew up in Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High School. He graduated from the high school in 1987 and then went on to attend the University of Michigan. He graduated with honors in 1991 and completed his higher education in 1993 at the University of Michigan Law School where he got his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Lefkofsky has assisted in the creation of five startups which have a combined value of more than a billion dollars. Eric gets an idea, forms a company and then sells it to someone else to continue operating it. Due to this, Eric is commonly referred to as a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ An example of a company he created and then sold was Starbelly. This was an internet company which focused on promotional products. He and his friend, Bradley Keywell formed the company shortly after completing law school and later sold it after five years for a quarter of a million dollars. Creating, selling and buying of one enterprise after another led Lefkofksy to create Groupon. It was at Groupon that Lefkofsky made most of his wealth.

Eric recently formed a company known as Tempus. The main idea behind it was to help doctors and other professionals in the medical field to make data-driven and real-time decisions based on the analysis of a patient’s genetic code. The company was created to make it easier for medics and other health care professionals to develop better treatment procedures and plans for patients. The goal of Tempus is to be able to work with all types of cancers, however, at the moment it is working with people affected by lung, pancreatic and breast cancer.

Lefkofsky is also an author. He has co-authored a book known as Accelerated Disruption. The book explains some key concepts of startups that are faced by entrepreneurs. One of these is developing funds and stock strategy that will assist your company when it is in its developmental stages. Other issues are tackled in this book including making the right choice of industries to innovate and understanding and turning industrial pain into a competitive advantage. Eric explains in his book how a business might become disruptive and he also guides people on how to convert their ideas into reality.Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth have influenced Chicago in a positive way through their charity trust known as the Lefkofsky Charity Foundation.


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