How Low Can the Bar Get for Celebrities?


We know Nicki Minaj for alot of reasons, and not just being one of the most prominent enfp famous people, but usually always her music. Respectively she bursted onto the scene with a series of mixtapes which sprung her to fame. Her first 2 albums both hit the Billboard top 200. She was also included on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC’s list with hits such as “Super Bass” and “Starships” Another celeb on everybody’s radar recently is Angelina Jolie.

While Nicki Minaj has an alter ego “Roman” that is crazy, Angelina is flat out going crazy. She is reportedly suffering a mental breakdown after her divorce with movie star Brad Pitt.

Although going through recent turmoil the star has alot to smile back upon winning 3 golden globe awards and being known for many classic movies. People could be more shallow and have more to be embarrassed about anyways. She could have been like Chloe Sevigny in “The Brown Bunny” and performed un-simulated oral sex in a movie and sold out or like Charlotte Gainsbourg in her awkward satanic sex scene in “Antichrist” but Angelina doesn’t succumb like that.

Although Nicki Minaj might have sold-out a little bit in that aspect. The point of the article is we all have faults but these over dramatic celebrities have way more, so be happy!