IAP Worldwide, The Topmost Global Logistics Service Provider

IAP Worldwide Services is among the leading providers of advanced technical programs, facility management and global-scale logistics. The company has branches is at least 35 countries in the world, and it has employed more than 2000 employees. The aim of this company is to solve the daily changes faced by clients in the public and private sectors.

IAP Worldwide’s History

IAP Worldwide’s history goes back 63 years ago. This is when Pan Am World made a space launch in America. This was the only space launch in the world. The firm supported the putting to test of at least 2000 launches. Kaye Scholer is a law firm that has been in existence for over s century, and it combines continuity and acumen. The law firm was an agent when representing Deutsche Bank Trust Company during the restructuring of IAP Worldwide and all its affiliates. Kaye Scholer law firm played the role of a defense contractor.

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Acquisitions and Contracts

About 3 months ago, IAP Worldwide Services got a position on the U.S Navy’s global contingency support award contract. The value of this contract was $900m. This contract requires the company to supply a power plant propelled by electric diesel.

Recently, IAP has been activated to supply emergency power and to offer help in supporting Hurricane Matthew within the FEMA regions. IAP deployed a few teams to these regions as well as the Northern Carolina and Florida Coastal regions.

In addition to this, IAP Worldwide Services won an award to offer services in integrated fields, logistics a well as management training. Common ground systems were also distributed in Texas and other regions around the world.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leader in global logistics. IAP now owns DRS Technologies business, and DRS Logistics and Aviation situated in Oklahoma. This acquisition is important to IAP Worldwide because it will not only increase its market but also improve the firm’s ability in delivering high quality services to clients.

Job Opportunities

IAP Worldwide is at the top of the list of firms that hire the highest number of employees in the U.S.A. Its employees help people solve the problems they face. The employees treat every client equally, handling their problems with utmost dedication. The firm hires highly motivated, dedicated and experienced professionals to work in logistics, construction, engineering, general management, finance/accounting, and program management among others. Those interested can apply for positions in the above departments on IAP’s website.

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