Fabletics Takes On e-Commerce Market Giants by Creating Activewear Movement

Currently, Amazon, one of the biggest names in the e-commerce market controls about 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. Therefore, for a startup company to beef up the competition to such a giant, they must be utterly creative. Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics active wear, has been on a journey of creating an ‘activewear’ movement for the last three years. Fabletics has since grown to be a multimillion dollar company in just three years.


Fabletics have brought aboard a unique subscription mechanic to sell their products to their clients. It is a unique selling model where customers apply for membership and then subscribe to brands that fit their lifestyles. The membership model is what allows fabletics to offer personalized services and on-trend fashion at very competitive prices.


Historically, high-value brands have used higher pricing models to define the quality of the goods and services they offer. With this model, customers are made to believe that products with higher prices are of better quality. However, this model is fast losing its meaning; therefore, it no longer guarantees success in the modern world. In its place, things like last-mile service offered to the customer, brand recognition, improved customer experience, exclusive designs and gamification elements have been shown to redefine the meaning of ‘high-value’ product or service to the modern consumer.


Fabletics’ strategy

The marketing strategy has been employed by companies in the tech industry such as Apple and Warby Parker, and it has paid off well. Fabletic’s marketing strategy and positioning are already giving positive results for the fashion membership brand as they are set out to open more physical stores in the coming days. It will add to the 18 stores that are already selling activewear in Illinois, Hawaii, Florida and California.


From the beginning, Fabletics aimed at appealing to a wide range of customers, creating apparel that spoke to various fitness levels and sports. Recently, the company launched its plus size wear to bring more customers aboard. Hudson noted that the main aim of introducing plus size wear was to design apparel that is comfortable to people with a bigger body size. Fabletics Takes On E-Commerce Market Giants by Creating Activewear Movement.


Fabletics subscribers are given the opportunity to take lifestyle quiz to find out which fabletics gear is suitable for them. The good thing is that one can take the lifestyle quiz for free. Be sure to take the lifestyle quiz to find out the right fitness apparel for you. While speaking at Fortune most powerful summit, Kate revealed that she did not expect the start-up company to pick up that fast. However, she noted that she is happy fabletics athleisure brand has grown tremendously over the last three years and that they can offer lasting solutions to more than one million clients worldwide.