Betsy DeVos Develops Her Own Position As An Education Reformer And Philanthropist

The philanthropist and education reformer, Betsy DeVos, has been a woman I have admired greatly over the years as those who have investigated the U.S. public school system have set out to have a positive impact on the way students are educated across the nation. Appointed the Secretary of Education in February 2017, Mrs. DeVos has reached the pinnacle of her career in education, which has been developed for far longer than many of us would know. Initially, my own knowledge of Secretary DeVos was limited to my own understanding of her recent work to extend the reach of education reform across many different areas of the U.S. as the number of states offering school choice and voucher programs has been growing quickly.

As I took a look back at the career of Betsy DeVos I began my research knowing of her position within the industrialist Prince family and as the wife of former AmWay Group billionaire Dick DeVos; I was unaware of the fact Betsy DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher who gave her an understanding of the problems and demands seen in this sector of public service from a very young age. The U.S. Department of Education explains Mrs. DeVos was inspired by her teacher mother to work as an in-school advocate for at risk children as she believed supporting a solid base in education was the best option for providing a better future for children from all areas of the U.S. I believe this commitment to help students perform at their best has never left Secretary DeVos as she has become a major supporter of many educational programs and PAC’s lobbying politicians for a better public school system for all.

Betsy DeVos has proven an inspiration for myself as a businessperson who wishes to play a major philanthropic role in my own local community; Secretary DeVos believes in providing a well-rounded community that allows more people than before to have access to various aspects of the cultural experiences often unavailable in many areas of the U.S. To this end, Betsy DeVos has become a well known financial backer of the annual ArtPrize festival in her local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan that allows a public vote to take place to determine winners. There is much more to the work of Betsy DeVos than simply looking at her local community and educational reform as the Calvin College graduate has been seeking to find new ways of helping start-ups make their way into the future, which has largely been done through The Windquest Group investment company she shares with her husband, Dick DeVos and provides investment opportunities for boxed water manufacturers and green energy developers.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Plastic Surgeon with a Difference

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the owner at Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. She was born in Austin, Texas to parents who were in the medical field; her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She attended Anderson High school and later university of Texas from 1990-1994 where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She then graduated with a master’s degree in medicine from The University of Texas, Medical Branch, at Galveston, thereafter pursuing integrated plastic surgery residency from the same institution. She also boost of Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship from Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital.

Dr. Jennifer Walden resorted to private practice in the year 2011 at Westlake Hills and subsequently set up a satellite office in the year 2014 at marble fall in Texas. Due to her superb work, she was extolled as one of the best plastic surgeons in the US by the American way. She is widely known for the use of sophisticated technologies to perform her work. The advanced technologies that she engages include Vectra, the 3-D imaging technology. She also uses ThermiVa, which is a temperature controlled radio frequency system that is used for tightening the vagina and rejuvenation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also come up with instruments used during breast surgery.In addition to being a plastic surgeon, she also serves as a consultant for various aesthetic companies. Dr. Jennifer Walden currently serves on the board of directors of The American Society for Aesthetic plastic Surgery .The is the vice commissioner of communications at the same organization.Dr. Jennifer Walden has an array of skills that include Media relation, face-lift, Tummy Tuck, laser hair removal and many others. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a family person and a proud mother of two boys.

Scott Rocklage a Scientist and an Exemplary Leader

Scott Rocklage has deep direction abilities, and has vast knowledge in health care management, for over two decades. Among his achievements has been approved use by the FDA; Teslascan Omniscan, and Cubicin, of three drugs. Scott Rocklage’s devised over thirty U.S. patents, and he’s pioneered six drug candidates into clinical trials. He’s recently serving at Semprus and Relypsa, and he’s a board member at WaveRx, Pulmatrix, and Version.

Enterprises that are 5AM (5AM Ventures)

Two associates John Diekman and Andrew Schwab, set up in 2002, 5 AM Ventures Company, and now, has ninety investments in 47 businesses. It deals with Medical Care, Biotechnology, Health and Wellness Companies. 5AM Enterprise is in California and it provides its customers with seed and early stage investment.

5AM is focused on constructing new-age science businesses and producing remarkable returns. It works toward preventing, diagnosing, and treating medical matters that are related. The firm has a team of professionals, who are specialists in medical, scientific, operational, legal, and finance systems. It’s actively involved with fundraising, recruiting management, business development, and assisting its customers set up firm’s strategy and learn more about Scott.

5AM uses distinct strategies to understand its operations;

  • Hands on Approach to firm building- takes over short term jobs when beginning new businesses, offering step by step guidance through the entire business’s life.
  • Team, Network, Extensive Operational Expertise-since people AM have spent their lives in the science business, teamwork is inculcated, which makes the business entrepreneur-friendly.
  • Capital Efficacy and Shortened Time to Realization- 5AM team optimizes on potential yields produced within three to five years and Scott’s lacrosse camp.
  • Focus on Low Loss Speed- its primary program would be to maximize investor returns, restructuring management teams to boost firm performance and total yields, and redefining business strategy and more information click here.

Dr. Scott has been a wonderful advantage to 5AM Enterprises. He’ll bring about its increase, adding expertise, and his experience. Dr. Scott has worked with many research course functions. He can work alongside Carin Muller, and John, Andy in developing and creating biotechnology firms that are exclusive. Scott Rocklage who is both a scientist and an exemplary Leader has proven to be a great resource to the 5AM enterprises.

Big Changes from Adam Goldenberg and Fabletics

Fabletics and JustFab have been successful for the entire time that they have been in business. Adam Goldenberg has been a great CEO and has been able to show the customers that the brands are great and that they are getting what they can out of them. This is something that has been a major change from the first few years of the business. It is also something that has made people more appreciative of the brands. The changes that he has made are positive and he recently talked about that in an interview on He wanted to show people that there would be more for them to do.

The idea behind Fabletics is that people are able to get more out of the options that they have. The Fabletics platform is designed to cater to everyone even the busiest people. Adam Goldenberg wanted to make sure that he was doing that and recently switched the brands to be inclusive of everyone no matter what their size. This is in line with trends that are going on today and has allowed him to keep up with all of the opportunities that other people have been offering with their companies on

Because he has worked so hard to be all inclusive, Adam Goldenberg has done what he can to make sure that the site offers opportunities to everyone who is able to get more out of the options that they have. Adam Goldenberg recently made the switch to an Amazon platform. People, of course, can still buy from the JustFab and Fabletics websites but they are now also able to get the products that they need from Amazon. It helps them to get them more quickly and allows the companies to reach more people who might need the products for themselves in the different situations that they are in.

Adam has also changed the name of the company. He thinks that TechStyle better represents him and what the company is able to do. While the company has many brands that are underneath it, this is a name that is the umbrella for all of them. It is also something that gives the people who are a part of the companies a chance to see that there is so much more than just the brands that they have created for themselves in the different situations that they are in while they are shopping for clothes at

Eric Lefkofsky: A Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofksy is an American entrepreneur who was born in 1969. Eric grew up in Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High School. He graduated from the high school in 1987 and then went on to attend the University of Michigan. He graduated with honors in 1991 and completed his higher education in 1993 at the University of Michigan Law School where he got his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Lefkofsky has assisted in the creation of five startups which have a combined value of more than a billion dollars. Eric gets an idea, forms a company and then sells it to someone else to continue operating it. Due to this, Eric is commonly referred to as a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ An example of a company he created and then sold was Starbelly. This was an internet company which focused on promotional products. He and his friend, Bradley Keywell formed the company shortly after completing law school and later sold it after five years for a quarter of a million dollars. Creating, selling and buying of one enterprise after another led Lefkofksy to create Groupon. It was at Groupon that Lefkofsky made most of his wealth.

Eric recently formed a company known as Tempus. The main idea behind it was to help doctors and other professionals in the medical field to make data-driven and real-time decisions based on the analysis of a patient’s genetic code. The company was created to make it easier for medics and other health care professionals to develop better treatment procedures and plans for patients. The goal of Tempus is to be able to work with all types of cancers, however, at the moment it is working with people affected by lung, pancreatic and breast cancer.

Lefkofsky is also an author. He has co-authored a book known as Accelerated Disruption. The book explains some key concepts of startups that are faced by entrepreneurs. One of these is developing funds and stock strategy that will assist your company when it is in its developmental stages. Other issues are tackled in this book including making the right choice of industries to innovate and understanding and turning industrial pain into a competitive advantage. Eric explains in his book how a business might become disruptive and he also guides people on how to convert their ideas into reality.Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth have influenced Chicago in a positive way through their charity trust known as the Lefkofsky Charity Foundation.