Venture Funding will improve the Class Dojo App

Unless a startup business has founders with extremely deep pockets; they will have to borrow money to develop, grow and expand their enterprise. That is the nature of business. This is especially true for tech related companies like Class Dojo.


Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started Class Dojo back in 2011 and it is now one of the leading mobile platform applications within the field of education today. Nearly 90% of all U.S. schools are now using Class Dojo. This is more than enough people to make the Class Dojo app a successful software platform.  Read more, have a peek on


Not every teacher, administrator or counselor is utilizing this app but at least 1 teacher within most schools spread throughout the country is using this platform. This app is literally helping to change how educators and parents interact with each other and their students.


The Class Dojo Company only has 30 employees who are committed to making this application a very reliable and practical tool for the field of education. This organization had initially received $31 million in funding during the initial development phase. Now, company has received $21 million in funding to improve upon the success that it is already experiencing.

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CEO Liam Don states that the company is going to improve the content and other services that Class Dojo will provide to clients. This extra content will provide teachers with greater educational resources. Dads and moms will also receive other services that they can use to help teach their kids while at home and to develop a closer bond with educators and school staff if needed.


A lot resources and efforts are being placed into Class Dojo so that students can be successful. Teachers and parents are usually dedicated to their child’s success. Class Dojo can really help students to be at their best and for parents to help in the process. The extra funding that Class Dojo receives will be used toward that end.

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Status Labs is Showing How to Create a Good Reputation

Companies and people have gotten to the point that they have to maintain their reputation. Before the internet, this was simpler. Now, the need for people specializing in online reputation has become a necessity. Status Labs has risen to the challenge and has become an international business that is called on by people and businesses to fix what information is found about themselves. The company is constantly working on improving their business and do this by hiring the right people.

Status Labs has become experts at a client’s online presence. People now rely on Google to know everything about a company or person. When the fist page becomes filled with negative news, Status goes in and finds ways to bring positive news that includes accomplishments and items that include the positive side of someone. They do not take just anyone. They screen their prospective clients first. The screening allows the company to make sure that it is easily able to bring the positive posts that can then be picked up by Google and other search engines.

Social media is another way the company works to improve how a client is perceived. Part of this strategy also works for those clients that have been doxxed. To be doxxed means that someone has posted all your contact information online in a way to have people attack you in person. Having someone change the direction that a client is perceived on social media can be no small feat, as such posts can find themselves in news articles and pages like Twitchy. Anyone watching any news program can see, posting online can turn around and change someone’s opinion quickly.

Status Labs is based out of Austin, Texas. They have offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, and now Los Angeles. The presence in these major cities is able to help them get to the clientele that they specialize in best. They are able to be there when a crisis occurs that they have to help with, not just for normal online reputation issues.

Status Labs ( has become so important in what they do that they grew quickly. Between 2012 and 2015, Status grew 1,099%. The growth brought attention from Inc. Magazine, which listed them in the Inc. 500 List. They had an initial listing as number 339. Austin Business Journal awarded them in their Fast 50 List. Both of these listings showed that having clients in 40 countries will bring their proven business plan notice.

How To Handle Bad Reviews

When people post bad reviews or write negative articles about your business, the consequences can be disastrous. In fact, negative information coming up about your business online has the power to sink your reputation and destroy your profits. Luckily, you aren’t a helpless victim of negative reviews or articles. There are ways that you can protect your business. However, it is important that you take the appropriate measures, if negative information is posted online about your business.

One thing that is very important is to remain professional. Do not argue with dissatisfied customers. This will not help to bolster the image of your business at all. Instead, it will only reinforce the negative impression that the bad reviews create.

One of the best ways to combat negative reviews is to reinforce a positive image of your business. Make sure that you provide the same quality of services or even better. If you are able to provide higher quality services, it is good if the public knows about this. This will help to continue to attract customers. Furthermore, it’s important that the public knows that they will continue to have access to your high quality services. You certainly don’t want people to falsely think your business is on the decline.

Finally, negative reviews can create a very stressful situation for business owners. It is important to focus on your own well being. You should speak with someone about the situation, and this can help the situation to not get the best of you. Furthermore, affirm to yourself that you went into the business you did for a reason. Continue to remind yourself of why you enjoy being in the business that you are. Doing this can prevent you from becoming angry or depressed about the situation.

Furthermore, you can use the online reputation management services of to prevent negative consequences from bad reviews. has a lot of experience in cleaning up online reputations. Their fees are also quite affordable. Also, when you get in touch with them, they get back to you very quickly. Follow Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about the company.