Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Plastic Surgeon with a Difference

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the owner at Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. She was born in Austin, Texas to parents who were in the medical field; her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She attended Anderson High school and later university of Texas from 1990-1994 where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She then graduated with a master’s degree in medicine from The University of Texas, Medical Branch, at Galveston, thereafter pursuing integrated plastic surgery residency from the same institution. She also boost of Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship from Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital.

Dr. Jennifer Walden resorted to private practice in the year 2011 at Westlake Hills and subsequently set up a satellite office in the year 2014 at marble fall in Texas. Due to her superb work, she was extolled as one of the best plastic surgeons in the US by the American way. She is widely known for the use of sophisticated technologies to perform her work. The advanced technologies that she engages include Vectra, the 3-D imaging technology. She also uses ThermiVa, which is a temperature controlled radio frequency system that is used for tightening the vagina and rejuvenation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has also come up with instruments used during breast surgery.In addition to being a plastic surgeon, she also serves as a consultant for various aesthetic companies. Dr. Jennifer Walden currently serves on the board of directors of The American Society for Aesthetic plastic Surgery .The is the vice commissioner of communications at the same organization.Dr. Jennifer Walden has an array of skills that include Media relation, face-lift, Tummy Tuck, laser hair removal and many others. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a family person and a proud mother of two boys.

Jennifer Walden Explains Botox and Labiaplasty

Jennifer Walden, a single parent of twin boys, is also a wonderful surgeon and writer. She is the daughter of a Dentist and a surgical nurse. Jennifer made her decision to become a surgeon when she was in the eighth grade. She was also very good in sports and is making good health a very important part of her life. Jennifer Walden speaks on different topics related to skin care and body health. She appears in type on the Dr. 90210 lineup. One of the things she is passionate about is wrinkles.


Jennifer is not a 20-year-old kid but if you were to look at her you might think she was. She takes such good care of herself. Her body is tone and her hair is long and sexy. Her skin is clear and smooth. The wrinkles are almost non-existent. Jennifer makes sure to follow a regiment of good skin care daily. She moisturizes against wrinkles. She wears sunscreen to keep skin cancer away. She exercises and drinks lots of water daily. All of this makes her a healthy person inside and out.


Another passion of Jennifer’s is public speaking. She is a media commentator that likes to speak out about vaginal rejuvenation. This topic is sensitive but can separate the best of the best in couples. After childbirth, the woman may have a looser vaginal canal. This can be dissatisfying to her and her husband. This may be a direct result of an episiotomy or of stretching during childbirth. One of the things that are recommended is the Labiaplasty. This procedure can decrease or change the shape and size of a woman’s genitalia. Another topic is vaginal dryness. This too can affect sex and satisfaction. Sometimes men and women have unrealistic views and expectations about sex and the female body. It is important to get the facts and make sure to seek the medical advice when unsure.


Laser and Botox are two areas that Walden Surgical is working with to improve the look of wrinkles. These minimally invasive procedures can help change the look and feel of a man or woman. Botox and Laser are much easier than the surgical facelift so she recommends everyone give it a try. The American Women’s Association and The American Society of Plastic Surgery are honored to award Jennifer with these awards for doing a wonderful job.