Betsy DeVos Develops Her Own Position As An Education Reformer And Philanthropist

The philanthropist and education reformer, Betsy DeVos, has been a woman I have admired greatly over the years as those who have investigated the U.S. public school system have set out to have a positive impact on the way students are educated across the nation. Appointed the Secretary of Education in February 2017, Mrs. DeVos has reached the pinnacle of her career in education, which has been developed for far longer than many of us would know. Initially, my own knowledge of Secretary DeVos was limited to my own understanding of her recent work to extend the reach of education reform across many different areas of the U.S. as the number of states offering school choice and voucher programs has been growing quickly.

As I took a look back at the career of Betsy DeVos I began my research knowing of her position within the industrialist Prince family and as the wife of former AmWay Group billionaire Dick DeVos; I was unaware of the fact Betsy DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher who gave her an understanding of the problems and demands seen in this sector of public service from a very young age. The U.S. Department of Education explains Mrs. DeVos was inspired by her teacher mother to work as an in-school advocate for at risk children as she believed supporting a solid base in education was the best option for providing a better future for children from all areas of the U.S. I believe this commitment to help students perform at their best has never left Secretary DeVos as she has become a major supporter of many educational programs and PAC’s lobbying politicians for a better public school system for all.

Betsy DeVos has proven an inspiration for myself as a businessperson who wishes to play a major philanthropic role in my own local community; Secretary DeVos believes in providing a well-rounded community that allows more people than before to have access to various aspects of the cultural experiences often unavailable in many areas of the U.S. To this end, Betsy DeVos has become a well known financial backer of the annual ArtPrize festival in her local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan that allows a public vote to take place to determine winners. There is much more to the work of Betsy DeVos than simply looking at her local community and educational reform as the Calvin College graduate has been seeking to find new ways of helping start-ups make their way into the future, which has largely been done through The Windquest Group investment company she shares with her husband, Dick DeVos and provides investment opportunities for boxed water manufacturers and green energy developers.

The Start of Cassio Audi’s Musical Path

Early career
Contrary to what Cassio Audi is famously known for in the current business landscape, he used to be one astute drummer from as early as 1985. During this time, he, together with four other members namely: Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, Andre Machado and Yves Passarel joined to form one of the best rock bands in Brazil known as the Viper. Immediately, Casssio fell deeply in love with the drum, and became the group’s most celebrated drummer. For his passion for the drum, he later intimated during an interview that he got the inspiration to drumming from the British music that featured a lot of heavy metals.

Perfecting Drumming Skills
Over the time, Cassio had perfected the art of drumming so much that, he was just outstanding when he was behind these instruments, only armed with two short sticks. Through his prowess, he got global attention that allowed him to tour Brazil, the rest of South America and Europe. He continued developing this skill by attending more shows and more music practice time. In fact, he even played the lead role in the group’s first non-compiled album known as the Killer Sword in 1986. The album got much attention through the various outstanding tracks that it had. It featured some of the group’s best tracks such as the Princess from Hell, Nightmare and Killera. Surprisingly, these tracks were only demos, and in this regard, through the help of Cassio, the group was able to compile the tracks and fine-tuned them to a better version in the year 1987.
Leaving the Viper
To many people’s surprise, Cassio left the band to pursue further studies in 1989. Even though it was a shock to his fans and foes alike, the group managed to forget the glory of its first album. They went ahead to once again hit the airwaves with a much lovely album entitled the Soldiers of Sunrise. Through this album, the world got to know the band better as the album sold off massively compared to the earlier album.

José Henrique Borghi’s Mullen Lowe Develops a Sensational Campaign for Sanchez Cano’s Fini

Mullen Lowe is one of the leading ad agencies in Brazil. The ad agency recently developed a campaign known as “Abriu, Sorriu” for Fini. The campaign is aimed at spreading fun sensations among Fini’s clients. It also offers customers amazing surprises once a bullet pack is opened.

As a subsidiary of Sanchez Cano, Fini is a Spanish company that produces marshmallows, jelly candies, chewing gum, and licorice. The company is ranked highly in the candy market with a presence in over 80 countries. José Henrique Borghi credited as one of the creators of “Abriu, Sorriu.” He currently serves as Mullen Lowe’s COO and co-CEO.

Besides the “Abriu, Sorriu” advertising campaign, Mullen Lowe also created the “Transformations” campaign. This creation comprises of seven films that will appear on cable TV and theaters. Borghi said that he enjoys developing new campaigns for Fini. According to him, this alliance fosters Mullen Lowe’s presence in the Brazilian advertising sector.

José Henrique Borghi’s Career and Academic Background

As one of the most influential people in the Brazilian advertising industry, José Henrique Borghi’s passion for creating ads began back in high school. He joined PUC School of Advertising to learn the basics of the industry after his high school education. Borghi managed to work with ad agencies like Standart Ogilvy, FCB, and DM9 as soon as he completed his course.

Borghi also founded BorghiErh in partnership with Erh Ray. The company was later renamed to Borghi Lowe after Lowe purchased it. Consequently, the Mullen Group merged with Borghi Lowe to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. Today, José Henrique Borghi is celebrated as the creator of award winning campaigns. The 14 Cannes Lions Awards and 10 The One Show Awards are among the prestigious accolades that campaigns designed by Jose have scooped.

These creations also benefited companies, such as Procter, Unilever and Delta Airlines.

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Cosmetic Surgeon Jennifer Walden Gives Confidence to Women

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas and attended The University of Texas for undergraduate degree. She got a bachelors degree in biology and graduated with honors. She then went to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where she earned her Medical Doctorate and graduated with the highest honors and was the Salutatorian. After earning her MD, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to New York and did her fellowship at the widely respected Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She gained a lot of experience and studied under some of the country’s top surgeons. She also became the Program Director of the hostile during her fellowship. She recently moved back to her hometown of Austin and opened her own practice there and learn more about Jennifer.

Dr. Walden focuses primarily on cosmetic surgery like eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties and breast augmentations. She also does liposuctions and injects botox as well as other soft-tissue facial fillers. As one of the few female plastic surgeons in Texas, Dr. Walden has always stood out. Her identity as a woman allows her to empathize and understand the issues that many of her patients come in with. She enjoys helping them in a judgment free way and strives to instill confidence in women everywhere. She believes that cosmetic surgery allows women to achieve self confidence and a happier life after undergoing the changes that sometimes come along with motherhood. So for Dr. Walden, plastic surgery is the opposite of vanity. Rather, it is a tool to improve and find self worth and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

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How Securus Technologies Has Helped Solve Many Crimes

Securus Technologies is a communications company that specializes in creating technology products and services for prisons. The company was created in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. There are more than 1000 employees employed by this company, and it sells products to more than 2,000 correctional facilities across the United States. Securus Technologies has spent $600 million on patents and other technologies.


People living behind bars still have opportunities to contact people outside the prison walls. Securus Technologies offers a couple of different phone plans for its customers to use. Customers have the option to choose which plan will suit their situation best.


AdvanceConnect™ puts the customer in charge of his/her spending. It guarantees that you can receive calls coming from prisons. Direct bill charges you for each call that you receive from inmates and puts in on one bill that you receive each month. A credit card is required to set up this account. Traditional collect accounts allow customers to get calls from inmates and have the charges put on the bill from your local telephone company. An inmate debit account lets the incarcerated member decide how much they want to spend. Money is put into an inmate’s account, and they pay for their calls.


There are a lot of customers that have used Securus Technologie’s products to help solve crimes and keep inmates safe. One facility was able to use a recorded phone call to obtain a search warrant for an unlawful security officer. Another facility was able to stop the use of drugs and alcohol between inmates. There is a correctional facility that has been working with Securus Technologies for over ten years, and the company continues to be their first choice to work with. Customers are pleased with the improvements of investigation resources. The tools help keep facilities running smoothly.


Omar Yunes Competes Alongside Ivan Tamer

Omar Yunes recently received international recognition for the award he won in the Best Franchisee Of The World competition that took place last year in Florence, Italy. Not only did Omar Yunes win the regional competition held in Mexico, he also won first place in the final event. The competition was held in Florence, Italy and included members from all across the world. People flew in from places like Mexico, Hungary, France, Portugal, and Spain. So winning an award here is a huge deal.

The judges of the event are looking for leaders who demonstrate certain characteristics. They believe good franchisees will exhibit different techniques with succesful outcomes. For example, they want people who provide new programs and plans, that can increase overall revenue, and encourage and inspire employees to work better. Omar Yunes was the perfect example of one of these types of franchisees. He created a unique relationship with his franchise Sushi Itto and was able to improve customer service relationships by an extraordinary number. Omar Yunes also implemented a program that gave him better control and easier access to his units. These are just a few of the many reasons why he was awarded the number one winner.

Omar Yunes bought Sushi Itto as a franchise owner when he was only 21 years old. He was very young but he definitely knew what he was doing. Since he initially took over, he has expanded the Japanese restaurant by an additional 13 units. Omar Yunes also maintains a total of about 400 staff members. The units and employees are spread all across Mexico in places like Vera Cruz, Puebla, and even Mexico City.

A second competitor from Mexico to compete at the Best Franchisee of The World event was Iván tamer. He is also from Mexico and is Franchisee of Prendamex. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the tools he created to implement a new marketing system. The system has proven much success for Prendamex and the network of Pawnshops it controls. Other busniesses are looking to mirror this system so that they can share similar profit and achievements.

What It Takes To Become A Successful Lawyer In The Eyes Of Karl Heideck

Become an attorney like Karl Heideck
Become an attorney like Karl Heideck

From the outside looking in being a lawyer is a pretty laid back profession. Its a whole lot easier than making a living performing manual labor. While being a lawyer isn’t as tough as manual labor it still is a very demanding career. It is something that takes a lot of commitment and never give up attitude. Becoming a lawyer takes a lot of hard work. Becoming a successful lawyer is even harder. Proven attorney Karl Heideck knows this and has created a list of 8 things that will help a upcoming lawyer become successful.

First, young lawyers must understand information is key.It is important that they know the bar requirements of the state they intend to practice law in upon graduating from law school. States requirements can differ a little or greatly depending on the area.

Second, sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. Building a relationships and rapport with fellow students, teachers, and practicing lawyers can make all the difference when you are seeking employment. it is equally important to sustain these connections in the future.

Third, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is a good way to show people your paying attention and interested in the opportunity.

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Fourth, the state you practice in matters. If you hate the area you’re more likely to begin hating the workplace and regret your decision to become a lawyer. Pick the area that most appeals to your lifestyle.

Fifth, education always plays a pivotal role. Having good grades will get you that elusive first associates position faster than most. Firms commonly ask to see law school transcripts these days.

Sixth, be aware of the changes in the lateral market. Firms only keep around young lawyers that fit a specific need.

Seventh, you have to start from somewhere. Starting at a less prestigious law firm may not be glamorous but it can be advantageous. It’s easier to get promoted in less renowned law firms.

Eighth, being a good person can take you far. Treating people fairly keeps bad karma away. You never know if you’ll run into someone you treated poorly in the past again and this time they may be the deciding factor in whether you get that big promotion or not.

Karl Heideck is a star litigation attorney, meaning he deals primarily wit civil issues. Something he enjoys because of his affinity for helping others. He has gained a reputation as a respected and helpful litigation attorney.

Karl Heideck also specializes in compliance and risk management. What makes him truly great is he is as persistent as he is talented.

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Success Academy Ignites Student Curiosity

Children are by nature very curious. They see the world around them and they want to know all about it. Parents come to realize they must do all they can to help them make sense of the world. One of the best ways to do this is with the best possible education an an early age. Intelligent, thoughtful and caring teachers can help any child channel their curiosity to help them learn about the world they will enter as adults. At Success Academy, all staffers know the importance of helping young children use their sense of curiosity well. They know that kids who are shown how to explore the world around them safely are kids who will grow up loving learning.


Understanding How Children Learn


All those who work at Success Academy understand how children learn. They know that children go through stages of learning that unfold as the child grows up. In order to help students transition from one state to another, staffers here work with proven educational methods that have been repeatedly shown to get results. Staffers here are given a complete and thorough grounding in all aspects of educational theory. This helps them see where children are in their stage of learning. Once this determination has been made, it’s then possible for the educators to create a highly specific learning plan for each student.


Tailored Learning Programs


Individualized educational plans are all about helping each child learn. When teachers take the time to find out each child’s current strengths and where they may need to see improvement. Once this is done, it’s then possible for the staffer to determine how best to help the student develop even further. Staffers here concentrate on a child’s natural interest about learning about the world. This curiosity is the foundation for all the learning that follows. They have methods they can use to help any child realize that being in a classroom is a pleasure that everyone can embrace and truly enjoy. This is one of many reasons why so many people have flocked here in order to help their children.

Brad Reifler Business Advice

If you want to succeed with your finances, you need to have a plan for the future. A lot of people struggle to make a plan and follow it over time. A lot of times, the plan is simply too aggressive for what is really going to happen.

Not only that, but you need to be able to use your capital to make a difference in others during this time as well. With all of the changes that have started to take place in the world of business, you need to start thinking of ways that you can help yourself.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler is a leader in the world of personal finance and business investing. He can help you by providing quality advice that a lot of people do not realize. Not only that, but he is starting to think about was to make a difference in other areas as well. Now is the time to figure out a plan for the future in a variety of ways. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Personal Finance

There are few areas of your life that affect you as much as your personal finances. If you do not have a solid base, it is really hard to build on. Brad Reifler can help you figure out a basic financial plan that is going to make a lot of sense for you over time.

Not only that, but he can help you in a variety of other ways as well. If you simply need some business advice that you are struggling with, Brad Reifler can help you figure that out in a number of ways. With all of the changes that he is making in his business, he is going to be able to help more people than ever before in this process.

Future Plans

You need to make a plan for your future if you want to have success. There are a lot of people in business who struggle because they cannot get on the same page and work to reach their goals. Over time, Brad Reifler is the type of person who is going to change what he is doing in his life and career.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund: Taking the World by Storm

For many years, civilizations of different decent, have fought for their rights at peace and world freedoms. Just less than a year ago, Africa was emaciated with oppression and slavery, which has been a striving problem even for other countries across the world.

In a tit-for-tat move, many people who just happened to be slaves started a rebellion against those who have oppressed them and had finally succeeded to gain peace and freedom, which is the liberty that we need enjoy and need now. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

As much as officials would want to grant peace to the entire world, there are some people who feel that their luck can be pushed further so that in turn will allow them to gain the cheap labor and resources that they need.

for a lot of Nomads who have been on the receiving end of a lot of negative comments and accusations, since they try to flee to other countries in hopes of better opportunities and a better life, but in their efforts, they often end up getting browbeaten in the process.

As we all know, not a lot of people in this world is not self-centered and evil, which is why a lot of people have tried to form organizations that are meant to protect their best interests especially for minority groups.

Two people have managed to speak for those who are troubled, and their names are Lacey and Larkin, these two individuals have shown their passion for helping the underprivileged through their foundation, which they have named the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. These two people have been able to provide the unfortunate with financial support to fund their organizations that fight for the civil, human and migrant rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have a rather exciting life when they are not working. Throughout their careers, they have managed to face a lot of wrongful convictions and assault which were caused by Joe Arpaio, who is the Maricopa County Sheriff. Since they are both journalists, they have been writing about their accomplishments and have spread it around the world to promote awareness.

Shortly after suing the county, Jim and Michael were acquitted of any wrong doing and ended up receiving $3.75 million settlement, which is the money that they have been using to help fund the unfortunate.

Their foundation has currently extended support to one organization, which is situated in Arizona called the No more Deaths- No Mas Muertes. Throughout the years, this group has been leaving medical supplies and food along routes that are used by the migrants, to give them a chance to reach their destinations in an orderly and safe fashion.

Aside from that, the organization has also provided migrants with homes among many other things at the Southern Arizona Camp. Since rarely and at some point most of these migrants cross over through the Mexican border rarely, the organization has also helped all of those deportees reach their families on the others side of the frontier. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

In other situations, the organizations have also helped migrants recover property that is lost and under containment by the security border during their routine check ups. All of these mentioned, are some of the contributions that the organization has given migrants over the years since they have always felt that the security border unlawfully keeps migrants property with the intent to prevent it for themselves.

Through the efforts of the organization, a smaller group of migrants get killed and have become more successful through their efforts to end human oppression to those who are unfortunate.