Omar Yunes Competes Alongside Ivan Tamer

Omar Yunes recently received international recognition for the award he won in the Best Franchisee Of The World competition that took place last year in Florence, Italy. Not only did Omar Yunes win the regional competition held in Mexico, he also won first place in the final event. The competition was held in Florence, Italy and included members from all across the world. People flew in from places like Mexico, Hungary, France, Portugal, and Spain. So winning an award here is a huge deal.

The judges of the event are looking for leaders who demonstrate certain characteristics. They believe good franchisees will exhibit different techniques with succesful outcomes. For example, they want people who provide new programs and plans, that can increase overall revenue, and encourage and inspire employees to work better. Omar Yunes was the perfect example of one of these types of franchisees. He created a unique relationship with his franchise Sushi Itto and was able to improve customer service relationships by an extraordinary number. Omar Yunes also implemented a program that gave him better control and easier access to his units. These are just a few of the many reasons why he was awarded the number one winner.

Omar Yunes bought Sushi Itto as a franchise owner when he was only 21 years old. He was very young but he definitely knew what he was doing. Since he initially took over, he has expanded the Japanese restaurant by an additional 13 units. Omar Yunes also maintains a total of about 400 staff members. The units and employees are spread all across Mexico in places like Vera Cruz, Puebla, and even Mexico City.

A second competitor from Mexico to compete at the Best Franchisee of The World event was Iván tamer. He is also from Mexico and is Franchisee of Prendamex. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the tools he created to implement a new marketing system. The system has proven much success for Prendamex and the network of Pawnshops it controls. Other busniesses are looking to mirror this system so that they can share similar profit and achievements.

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