Traveling Vineyard The Leading Wine Firm Giving Wine Lovers An Opportunity To Work From Home

Working from is fascinating and very many dream of having a job that allows them to operate from the comfort of their home. The opportunities out there for people interested in working from home are limited compared to the growing number of people seeking them. Getting the information on the possibilities is also not easy because they are not advertised like the formal job opportunities one has to have a good network to learn of the opportunities once they arise.

Companies around the world are competing to create flexible direct sales jobs that allow people to work from home and one of the businesses that have been victorious in this is The Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a company that deals in the sale of wines all over the world, and it got into the business in 2001. The company was the first one in the wine industry to make direct sales. The firm was formed to give wine lovers all over the world an opportunity to work from home and get a decent income as they do what they love. The company today has employed wine guides in more than 40 states and has expanded its market to over 31 states, and they make direct sales. This allows the consumers to get their favorite wine brand very fast.

The Traveling Vineyard does not require you to have high qualifications to become a wine guide; you only need to register and the company links you to a trader in your locality. The merchant trains you on everything that you need to know about wine tasting and all the wine accessories that you can sell to your clients. After the training, you will be able to analyze the opportunities that the job is giving you and if you are pleased you pay a $189 this will give you your first success kit and few wine brands, to begin the job.

Many people have never believed that the job pays, but Traveling Vineyard wine guides are making real money doing what they love. The company requires you to hold wine tasting events at your home and invite your fellow wine lovers. You must not necessarily have the stock; the firm will deliver the wines to your home. For all the sales you make the company pays you 35% percent and the more you sell, the more money you earn. Wine guides are making over $90 in a single event, and this is enough cash. Traveling Vineyard allows a wine guide to hire a team and the more sales they make, the higher your earnings. The firm has an active presence on social media, and they use their pages to promote their wines to potential customers in the world. Traveling Vineyard wine guides have the freedom to work either full time or part time without supervision.

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