Securus Technologies – Winning The Gold Stevie Awards For The Best Customer Service Training Team

The world of correctional agencies is witnessing tremendous growth and integration of advanced technology in the last few years. It is all due to the companies such as Securus Technologies providing highly advanced, reliable and affordable prison communication and crime prevention technology, products and services. The diverse portfolio of services offered by Securus Technologies is unmatched in the industry and combined with the highly attentive and responsive customer service; the firm currently enjoys the stature of being an undisputed leader in the field.



Securus Technologies has won many awards in the past and to add to that; it now won the award for the best customer service training team at the Stevie Awards, which is the world leader in organizing awards for the corporate sector. The award was highly competitive as it was open to the companies from across the globe and was flooded with over 2,300 applications for the best customer service training team. The jury of 77 preliminary judges was given the task of ranking the companies on different parameters. The results provided by these 77 judges from across the world were furthered checked, verified, and validated by a select committee, which finally decided who would take the award back home.



Securus Technologies serves its products and services to over 3,450 correctional agencies and plans to extend its services to much more shortly. As a national leader in bringing the best of technology to the correctional space, it remains committed to delivering value for money and highly functional products for the correctional agencies as well as inmates. It has served over a million customers till date, and currently, its products and services reach out to 120,000 prisoners. The primary aim of the company is to serve prisoners and help them stay in touch with the outside world, especially with their friends and family.




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