Learn to make your own cute and practical room décor


Beauty blogger and vlogger, Wengie, has come up with another DIY tutorial for room decor.

Learn to make your own fleece stuffed plush by cutting fleece into the shape of a triangle, add some eyes and stuff the figure with pillow stuffing. Don’t forget to paint on a cute smile!


Next Wengie shows us how to make a shelf to display your wonderful new plush! Simply cut a cardboard box in half and paint it or wrap it in glossy white contact paper. Add four long wooden dowels and attach each cardboard shelf to the bottom and top. Now you have a perfect floating shelf to display your new plush!


Need a new pencil holder? Wengie shows us how to make the cutest Oliver cup to hold pencils, pens or anything. Simply find a plastic cup with a round top – much like a Starbucks iced drink cup. Use Crayola “Model Magic,” and mix in a little tan paint. Next, use a rolling pin and roll out the clay. Wrap the entire cup in the clay and let it dry. Next wrap the entire lid in clay. Let it dry, paint ears, eyes and there you have the perfect Oliver cup!


The last project Wengie showed us was making a sign that says “Get your Beauty Sleep.” Simply take a canvas, create a stencil of the words, and paint the letters on the canvas. Add closed eyes and you have the cutest sign ever!


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