Celebrities Who Have More Than Just Sex Appeal


Kate Winslet is clearly a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Never one to choose an ordinary role, she has played everyone from real life murderer Juliet Hulme to scheming faction leader Jeanine in the Divergent series. Add to that a mile-long list of awards from Oscars to BAFTAs and even a Grammy, Kate Winslet pictures manage to show she is beautiful and one of the most talented stars working in Hollywood today. But talent isn’t the only thing Kate Winslet has working for her! In 2010 she started a non-profit along with Margaret Ericsdottir called the Golden Hat Foundation, designed to help change the perceptions of people with Autism.


But Kate Winslet isn’t the only celebrity to found her own charity – Jennifer Lopez, an amazing actress and musician known for everything from In Living Color to Ice Age: Continental Drift, founded the Lopez Family Foundation in 2009. After her infant daughter suffered a brief medical scare, Jennifer Lopez and her sister decided that they needed to work to help provide access to medical care and health education to children and families who otherwise could not afford it. It looks like her recent People’s Choice Award isn’t the only thing she has to be proud of this year!

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