A Glance at the Amazing EOS Lip Balm Flavors.

The EOS lip balm line is a very popular choice among many. This is owed to several factors, and one of them is the hygienic levels maintained by EOS. The design of the container holding the lip balm is fantastic and made in such a way that germs do not get into the lip balm. The other reason why this line is popular is the wide array of different flavors offered by EOS. Different people prefer different flavors and having something for everyone is the best way to retain the popularity levels being experienced by EOS. Below are some of the EOS lip balm flavors available in the market.

The first flavor under review is the vanilla bean smooth sphere lip balm. This particular flavor was out of production but has been revamped and is back with even better features. Vanilla is a great flavor, and the scent of the vanilla bean lip balm will leave you super impressed.

The next EOS lip balm is the passion fruit flavored one. Passion fruit is another popular flavor, and this balm gives you a tropical sensation. It is sweetly flavored, made using natural products and free of any gluten. This lip balm moisturizes and softens your lips leaving them fresh and taken care of.

The strawberry sorbet showers your lips with the lovely pink color. This gives your lips a delicious feeling making them feel like one of the mouthwatering strawberry desserts. The blueberry acai is the other flavor on the list. This particular lip balm offers your lips a healthy boost with its natural ingredients. It is made using a blend of the delicious blueberry and acai flavors.

The medicated tangerine flavor ensure your lips remain happy and healthy with its medical relief. The honeysuckle honeydew flavor offers your lips irresistible flavor of fresh honeydew that ensures your lips remain smooth throughout the day. All EOS lip balm products are available directly from the website(https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html) or thru eBay.

To read the history of EOS, go to Fast Company.com.


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