Susan McGalla Provides Women With Advice For Success In The Workplace

There are a number of women who have made it to the pinnacle of their careers but there are still many women who do not know of the practical steps to take in order to be successful. The conditions of inequality, lack of diversity in boardrooms as well as unequal pay have been discussions of the past however there are still small discussions of these drawbacks. These various challenges for women have been addressed in the past by non-governmental and government organizations on Even though women face these challenges in the workplace there are a number of powerful women who have proven they are effective leaders and rise up to any challenge they face. It is a known fact that women often possess the right mixture of personality which allows them to undertake a host of different roles in the workplace. These women are leaving their mark in the corporate world by taking on head positions in companies or starting their own ventures.

There have been many powerful women in the business world including a handful that are still climbing the corporate ladder. In the past the business world has been dominated primarily by men but this has since changed. Women such as Susan McGalla has made a name for herself in the business world. She is a very good role model for many other women and has shown to help other women who would like to travel a similar path in the corporate world. Women such as Susan McGalla emit the necessary skills which allow her to be as effective as possible in the management position she holds as well as being excellent at networking which is an extremely important skill to possess in the corporate world. This is also the key to earning trust which is vitally important in the business world today.

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Susan McGalla knows what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and to remain successful for the long haul. On her website, McGalla is among many women who are successful in the business world. Susan combines traits such as passion, versatility, hard work and confidence in order to achieve success in life. Susan McGalla knows that everything in life has to be earned and every individual must take their own path when identifying success. For more in depth information visit

Sanjay Shah Runs a Festival

Sanjay Shah is all about spreading awareness about the developmental condition known as autism. In order to do this, he is running events for autism awareness. Among the events that he has run are concerts featuring plenty of artists. However, he is branching out to running even different events which include a festival. They are all for the purpose of spreading awareness of autism. He has used autism awareness in order to run the events. People will enjoy themselves while donating funds to find an effective treatment for the condition. They also get to listen to good music while supporting the cause.

At heart, Sanjay Shah Denmark is more of a philanthropist than he is even an entrepreneur. The creativity that he has utilized in his career has allowed him to fund more meaningful projects and causes. One of his most successful ventures that he has started is Solo Capital. He has originally started it from a small office. Eventually, it has progressed into a full company with many locations and branches. With the profits that he has gained from his investing activities, he has funded and sponsored quite a few charities and nonprofit initiatives. It was when autism hit home that he has shifted his focus towards autism research.

While looking for ways to gain funding for autism research, he has met Snoop Dogg. This has inspired him to run concerts for autism funding. He has used his creativity to start a nonprofit charity which is designed to help people with autistic children find an effective treatment in order to help their children develop.

Because of the creativity that Sanjay Shah has, he is able to entertain his audience. He shows such skills in networking that he is able to meet new friends and get them involved in the cause of not only bringing forth greater treatments for autism, but other conditions that interfere with the growth and development of the child. This is actually a creative move because artists have fans. If their fans see that the artist is supporting a certain cause, the fans will also get involved as well.


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Mike Baur And Swiss Start Up Factory Helps Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

New businesses account for a significant percentage of the jobs created in Switzerland each year. They also play a major role in the growth of the country’s economy. That’s why Mike Baur and his business incubator Swiss Start-Up Factory have been such a big hit. Baur, co-founders Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and the rest of the SSUF team, are credited with running one of Switzerland’s top business preparedness systems. Michael Hartweg, founder of the derivatives specialist company Leonteq, has also joined SSUF as an investor and business coach.

Swiss Start Up Factory runs a series of 3 month training programs designed to prepare start-ups run by young people to succeed. The company provides financial support, business connections, and training in finance, management, marketing, and all the skills necessary to succeed. They have assisted numerous companies run by young men and women to establish themselves and gain a foothold in the Swiss and international marketplace. They’re responsible for the emergence of a number of young entrepreneurs and their digital technology companies.

Mike Baur made his name and his fortune in the banking industry at a very young age. The former banker with Clariden and Sallfort now evaluates and assists fledgling companies and links them to potential investors and customers. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. With the help of Hartweg and the SSUF team, Baur is helping to create a new generation of fintech companies in Switzerland by supporting them and helping to guide their development. Swiss Start Up Factory is even working wit Fusion, a Geneva-based fintech accelerator, to help as many young entrepreneurs as possible.

After a 20 year career in the Swiss banking industry, Mike Baur is the ideal person to connect with young, impressionable, striving entrepreneurs. Baur’s expertise in finance and fundraising is legendary. He’s helped to give the Geneva-based SSUF the financial strength, banking connections, and access to investors young companies need to grow. SSUF also provides the startups with exciting opportunities, mentoring, support services, and even office space in key locations in Zurich. The company also helps the start-ups to network with key decision makers and businesses around the globe.

Since its founding in 2014, SSUF has taken ambitious individuals with innovative ideas and a willingness to work hard and provided them with free accounting services, legal advice, and direction for the proper execution of their ideas. The results have been awesome.