Chaudhary Uses ClassDojo to Impact Classroom Community

Sam Chaudhary has had a passion for education for quite some time. The CEO of ClassDojo, Chaudbhary wants to see the classroom be a place where everyone thrives. Before creating his product ClassDojo, he did a lot of research by talking to teachers, parents and students. For years he felt like the culture of the classroom was not effective and he had a desire to see that change.

Seeing the need for change, Chaudhary along with his partner Liam Don started ClassDojo, a website that helps teachers track student behavior by awarding or deducting points for a variety of skills. Now in countries all across the world, ClassDojo has raised millions in funding.

Chaudhary recently shared his thoughts about technology in education. He mentioned that most ed-tech tools are purchased by the district educators are forced to use it. Dojo is a product that teachers are using and no one is making them do so. He firmly believes that a classroom is a community not a competitive environment. Everyone helped each other, regardless of what level they were on. Chaudhary is convinced Dojo will move beyond a communication tool in the next 10 years. “The mission and strategy of this company is to give teachers, parents and kids the power to change education from the ground up. I think growth mindset hints at some of that future,” he said.

ClassDojo is becoming a worldwide application used in almost every school. The program has raised more than $20 million for educators. The application connects educators to students’ parents allowing them to ommunicate consistently. The uses for the app are endless. Teachers can make a schedule of activities to show parents. For those parent that are tech-savy, teachers can use the program to take and send pictures or videos and send them to parents showing off a student’s latest work. A great way to communicate and ensure that parents are informed.

As the application continues to grow it continues to get better. The app now has transactional features that enable parents to pay school fees via their phones. ClassDojo is impacting the community of the classroom in a very positive way.


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