Kabbalah Centre Learning of Kabbalah Principle

Founded by Rav Yehuda in 1922, kabbalah Centre currently spans around the world with more than 40 brick-and-mortar locations as wells as large online presence. Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that comes up with the principle of kabbalah that is comprehensible and applicable to everyday life. The Kabbalah Centre’s students are provided with spiritual tools by their teachers. These tools are built on Kabbalistic principles that can be applied by students as they wish so that they can improve their lives and make the world a better place by doing so.

The Centre teaches the Kabbalah as a general wisdom that foretells the Bible and the religion, and regardless of the one personal faith or path they can be studied. Some of the teaching of the Kabbalah Centre reins from the great Kabbalistic lineage, the teaching describes the origin of creation, the spiritual law of the universe and physical, including the journey of the soul and human existence.

Kabbalah is derived from an ancient wisdom that discloses how life and the universe works. The name Kabbalah denotes “to receive”. Therefore Kabbalah is a study of how to obtain contentment in our lives. What does Kabbalah Centre teach? The main aim of the Kabbalah Centre is to provide a platform in which its students can improve their lives. In order to achieve this, the Kabbalah Centre teachers give students spiritual tools that are founded on Kabbalistic principle that the student can use them as they wish to make better decisions, which not only benefit themselves but also make the world a better place and what Kabbalah knows.

According to Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah teaches all of the sections of a person’s life from health careers, relationships it originates from the same stem and root. It is describes working of the universe’s core level. It is a way in which a person can perceive the world and connect to him/her to the kind of permanent fulfillment that people seeks. The Centre teaches the universal principle that is relevant to all people regardless of their faith or religion and ethnicity. Studying Kabbalah does not brainwash a person because it doesn’t force anyone to think in a certain way nor coerce spiritually. All the Centre does is sharing of information with the hope that the recipient will apply it to better his/her life.

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Paul Mampilly’s Investment Newsletter Has More Than 60,000 Subscribers

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has made a significant milestone. Today, the investment industry’s fastest growing newsletter has more than 60,000 subscribers. According to analysts, the newsletter is on its way to becoming one of the most read financial newsletters. Many people are waiting to see how many more people can subscribe to the newsletter while it is still on its growth trajectory.

Paul Mampilly is not new in the financial industry. The financial guru has worked on Wall Street for more than two decades. Over the years, he has served renowned clients such as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. These companies benefited from his advices considering that he upholds the highest levels of professionalism and delivers innovative investment strategies. The American investor is the 2009 winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment competition. He managed to turn a $50 million investment into an $88 million return. This gain of 76 percent was made during the peak of the financial crisis.

Moreover, the former hedge fund manager achieved this success without shorting stocks. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as outlined in this link.

Last year, Mampilly decided to share his financial knowledge with average readers and investors. He worked with Banyan Hill Publishing to publish and launch Profits Unlimited. Paul seeks to guide Main Street Americans into making profitable investments. In addition, the publication has extensive information about different investment options and news on international markets.

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About Paul Mamphilly

Paul Mampilly is a renowned investor and hedge fund expert. Today, he uses his vast experience to help many people to invest in stocks and make high returns. He has been featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC where he has shared insights on various investment topics. Paul has extensive experience in investment, considering that he has worked for different firms in the financial industry for over two decades.

Paul Mampilly was a portfolio manager for different international banks, including Bankers Trust. Paul was part of a team that was managing a $6 billion hedge fund and a $23 billion mutual fund. He has also worked in the healthcare and biotech industries. His clients include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, Swiss private banks and Templeton Foundation.

Source:  https://banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

A Wen Cleansing Conditioner User Experience

Women with fine hair are usually those who find difficulty getting hair care products that work. All-to-often, hair care product weigh fine hair down, or otherwise fail to provide the intended results, causes disappointment. But, one fine-haired woman finally found a product that works. The product is the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, and if you’ve yet to try the product on your fine hair, you’re missing out.

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a product developed by Chaz Dean several years ago. The product is designed for women with all hair types, and provides more manageable hair that is also shinier, sleeker, and full of volume. The Cleansing Conditioner has a great Sweet Almond Mint smell, and provides superior results in just three weeks.

The user who shared her Wen experience is one of many happily satisfied users of this product. Since the beginning, Wen products have appealed to women, and this users experience is the exact reason why. Each day that she used the Cleansing Conditioner brought enhanced hair conditions. She used the conditioner only for a period of 7 days, but it made an impression good enough that she says she will use it again in the near future.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner doesn’t require any lather to work, and takes care of five different hair care needs at once. Additionally, the product is made with all-natural ingredients, leaving you without worry of damaging your hair. Made for all hair types, the Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a great product that you can use to take your hair care to the next level.

Need Wen? Visit your local Sephora store or order online on Amazon.com.

Wen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

Traveling Vineyard The Leading Wine Firm Giving Wine Lovers An Opportunity To Work From Home

Working from is fascinating and very many dream of having a job that allows them to operate from the comfort of their home. The opportunities out there for people interested in working from home are limited compared to the growing number of people seeking them. Getting the information on the possibilities is also not easy because they are not advertised like the formal job opportunities one has to have a good network to learn of the opportunities once they arise.

Companies around the world are competing to create flexible direct sales jobs that allow people to work from home and one of the businesses that have been victorious in this is The Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a company that deals in the sale of wines all over the world, and it got into the business in 2001. The company was the first one in the wine industry to make direct sales. The firm was formed to give wine lovers all over the world an opportunity to work from home and get a decent income as they do what they love. The company today has employed wine guides in more than 40 states and has expanded its market to over 31 states, and they make direct sales. This allows the consumers to get their favorite wine brand very fast.

The Traveling Vineyard does not require you to have high qualifications to become a wine guide; you only need to register and the company links you to a trader in your locality. The merchant trains you on everything that you need to know about wine tasting and all the wine accessories that you can sell to your clients. After the training, you will be able to analyze the opportunities that the job is giving you and if you are pleased you pay a $189 this will give you your first success kit and few wine brands, to begin the job.

Many people have never believed that the job pays, but Traveling Vineyard wine guides are making real money doing what they love. The company requires you to hold wine tasting events at your home and invite your fellow wine lovers. You must not necessarily have the stock; the firm will deliver the wines to your home. For all the sales you make the company pays you 35% percent and the more you sell, the more money you earn. Wine guides are making over $90 in a single event, and this is enough cash. Traveling Vineyard allows a wine guide to hire a team and the more sales they make, the higher your earnings. The firm has an active presence on social media, and they use their pages to promote their wines to potential customers in the world. Traveling Vineyard wine guides have the freedom to work either full time or part time without supervision.

Learn to make your own cute and practical room décor


Beauty blogger and vlogger, Wengie, has come up with another DIY tutorial for room decor.

Learn to make your own fleece stuffed plush by cutting fleece into the shape of a triangle, add some eyes and stuff the figure with pillow stuffing. Don’t forget to paint on a cute smile!


Next Wengie shows us how to make a shelf to display your wonderful new plush! Simply cut a cardboard box in half and paint it or wrap it in glossy white contact paper. Add four long wooden dowels and attach each cardboard shelf to the bottom and top. Now you have a perfect floating shelf to display your new plush!


Need a new pencil holder? Wengie shows us how to make the cutest Oliver cup to hold pencils, pens or anything. Simply find a plastic cup with a round top – much like a Starbucks iced drink cup. Use Crayola “Model Magic,” and mix in a little tan paint. Next, use a rolling pin and roll out the clay. Wrap the entire cup in the clay and let it dry. Next wrap the entire lid in clay. Let it dry, paint ears, eyes and there you have the perfect Oliver cup!


The last project Wengie showed us was making a sign that says “Get your Beauty Sleep.” Simply take a canvas, create a stencil of the words, and paint the letters on the canvas. Add closed eyes and you have the cutest sign ever!


Learn more about Wengie:



Securus Technologies – Winning The Gold Stevie Awards For The Best Customer Service Training Team

The world of correctional agencies is witnessing tremendous growth and integration of advanced technology in the last few years. It is all due to the companies such as Securus Technologies providing highly advanced, reliable and affordable prison communication and crime prevention technology, products and services. The diverse portfolio of services offered by Securus Technologies is unmatched in the industry and combined with the highly attentive and responsive customer service; the firm currently enjoys the stature of being an undisputed leader in the field.



Securus Technologies has won many awards in the past and to add to that; it now won the award for the best customer service training team at the Stevie Awards, which is the world leader in organizing awards for the corporate sector. The award was highly competitive as it was open to the companies from across the globe and was flooded with over 2,300 applications for the best customer service training team. The jury of 77 preliminary judges was given the task of ranking the companies on different parameters. The results provided by these 77 judges from across the world were furthered checked, verified, and validated by a select committee, which finally decided who would take the award back home.



Securus Technologies serves its products and services to over 3,450 correctional agencies and plans to extend its services to much more shortly. As a national leader in bringing the best of technology to the correctional space, it remains committed to delivering value for money and highly functional products for the correctional agencies as well as inmates. It has served over a million customers till date, and currently, its products and services reach out to 120,000 prisoners. The primary aim of the company is to serve prisoners and help them stay in touch with the outside world, especially with their friends and family.




EOS Lip Balm Delivering Legitimate Results For The Past Few Years

EOS Lip Balm is a top of the line company (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) that has changed the way we all do our chapstick. Lips are moisturized and beautifully cared for efficiently using the most healthy ingredients meant for the lips. The company started the lineup with the intention on building and creating a professional brand that wouldn’t just provide the cheapest ingredients. Other chapstick brands stood out not because of quality but because of being the cheapest one out there. EOS wanted to stand out and provide affordable but top notch lip balm. EOS Lip Balm had a tough time getting started just like most businesses to try and get into Amazon and Well stores.

It all began when they hired a professional sales executive who helped guide them in the right direction. They eventually got into a few stores and eventually reached Target and was sold nationwide. Their continued growth happened because they built quite the buzz around the products by having famous influential people in social media (https://www.facebook.com/eos/) to spread the word about this new brand and their latest lip balm.

The one thing that makes them stand out is how their ingredients create a beautifully smooth set of lips. Women have loved EOS lip balm because it keeps the lips moisturized and natural without damaging any of the top layers. Users everywhere are loving the simplified and natural design that helps maintain the lips.

EOS is striving to come up with other products in other similar categories. For example, there are several different hand lotions and creams they would like to create. They know that it is all about positioning a product and knowing what works. Lip balm is always just a simple product, but EOS takes it up a notch. They definitely know what they are doing in this industry, and expect to see more of them everywhere.


The Many Sides and Accomplishments of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist from Venezuela. He is also a film producer. Halvorssen has made significant contributions in the fields of political involvement. In addition, the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is a series of global conferences run by the New York based non profit Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen. The organization, also known as OFF, is devoted to global human rights and freedom.

Notably, Halvorssen’s father was arrested while Thor Halvorssen was attending the University of Pennsylvania. Halvoressen worked with Amnesty International Human Rights Organization and ultimately had his father released after 74 days.
Thor Halvorssen had many production accomplishments in his career, including co-producing the film Freedom’s Fury. Lucy Liu, Quentin Tarantino, and Andrew Vajna executive produced the film. The impressive film tells the story of uprising against dictatorship that occurred in 1956 in Hungary.

Also executive produced by Thor Halvorssen is the film Hammer & Tickle, a film which tells the story of Soviet Tyranny. Winner of the Best New Documentary Film Award at the Zurich Film Festival, this film premiered in 2006 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Halvorssen’s most prized dedication is ensuring that the annual Oslo Freedom Foundation is successful. The event draws approximately 450 people from 57 countries annually, many of whom have personal human rights violation stories to tell.

Another of Thor Halvorssen’s production accomplishments include the sole production of the film 2081, which is an adaptation of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. This is a dystopian film which portrays a tyrannical government, who arrests, imprisons without trial, and tortures those who disagree with government policy of enforced sterilization and enforced handicapping. The film premiered at the Seattle Film Festival, and featured actors including Julie Hagerty, Patricia Clarkson, James Cosmo, and Arnie Hammer.

During Thor Halvorssen’s career, he was presented with several impressive awards, notably the Sol Feinstone Award for protecting student speech, presented to him by the President University of Pennsylvania , click here more information.

Celebrities Who Have More Than Just Sex Appeal


Kate Winslet is clearly a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Never one to choose an ordinary role, she has played everyone from real life murderer Juliet Hulme to scheming faction leader Jeanine in the Divergent series. Add to that a mile-long list of awards from Oscars to BAFTAs and even a Grammy, Kate Winslet pictures manage to show she is beautiful and one of the most talented stars working in Hollywood today. But talent isn’t the only thing Kate Winslet has working for her! In 2010 she started a non-profit along with Margaret Ericsdottir called the Golden Hat Foundation, designed to help change the perceptions of people with Autism.


But Kate Winslet isn’t the only celebrity to found her own charity – Jennifer Lopez, an amazing actress and musician known for everything from In Living Color to Ice Age: Continental Drift, founded the Lopez Family Foundation in 2009. After her infant daughter suffered a brief medical scare, Jennifer Lopez and her sister decided that they needed to work to help provide access to medical care and health education to children and families who otherwise could not afford it. It looks like her recent People’s Choice Award isn’t the only thing she has to be proud of this year!

Eric Lefkofsky: A Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofksy is an American entrepreneur who was born in 1969. Eric grew up in Michigan and attended Southfield-Lathrup High School. He graduated from the high school in 1987 and then went on to attend the University of Michigan. He graduated with honors in 1991 and completed his higher education in 1993 at the University of Michigan Law School where he got his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

Lefkofsky has assisted in the creation of five startups which have a combined value of more than a billion dollars. Eric gets an idea, forms a company and then sells it to someone else to continue operating it. Due to this, Eric is commonly referred to as a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ An example of a company he created and then sold was Starbelly. This was an internet company which focused on promotional products. He and his friend, Bradley Keywell formed the company shortly after completing law school and later sold it after five years for a quarter of a million dollars. Creating, selling and buying of one enterprise after another led Lefkofksy to create Groupon. It was at Groupon that Lefkofsky made most of his wealth.

Eric recently formed a company known as Tempus. The main idea behind it was to help doctors and other professionals in the medical field to make data-driven and real-time decisions based on the analysis of a patient’s genetic code. The company was created to make it easier for medics and other health care professionals to develop better treatment procedures and plans for patients. The goal of Tempus is to be able to work with all types of cancers, however, at the moment it is working with people affected by lung, pancreatic and breast cancer.

Lefkofsky is also an author. He has co-authored a book known as Accelerated Disruption. The book explains some key concepts of startups that are faced by entrepreneurs. One of these is developing funds and stock strategy that will assist your company when it is in its developmental stages. Other issues are tackled in this book including making the right choice of industries to innovate and understanding and turning industrial pain into a competitive advantage. Eric explains in his book how a business might become disruptive and he also guides people on how to convert their ideas into reality.Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth have influenced Chicago in a positive way through their charity trust known as the Lefkofsky Charity Foundation.