The Flash Recap

Fans and critics of The CW’s “The Flash” haven’t been able to stop talking about the Season 1 finale that aired on Tuesday night. In “Fast Enough,” Barry finally faced the possibility that he could save his mother.

Thawne/Wells explained that he killed Nora because he hated The Flash he knew from the first timeline. He also explained he grew to care about the new universe’s Barry. Fans like Keith Mann know that whether this is true isn’t explored. Instead, he outlined how Barry could use the particle accelerator to become fast enough to change the past and give Thawne/Wells a way home.

Barry tried to weigh his great life against the possibility that he could make the universe worse by saving Nora. Eventually, he chose to go.

On the sidelines, Caitlin and Ronnie finally married; Cisco learned that he’s likely a metahuman and Eddie allowed himself to be with Iris.

The instructions worked, but the original Barry convinced Barry with a head shake to not intervene. Barry told his mother goodbye and then returned to his timeline in time to stop Thawne/Wells from leaving. The RF almost killed him, but Eddie shot himself to erase Thawne/Wells from existence.

Eddie’s actions caused a paradox and a massive black hole opened above Central City. The last scene showed Barry trying to cancel it out by running in an opposite direction to the forces involved in its formation.

Look Back On Rap Moments On David Letterman’s Show

David Letterman is a well-known talk show host, and he’s been doing his job since 1993. Even though David is as square as they come, he’s had rap artists on his show, so that the hip-hop world could get their message out there. Rap Moments. There have been some great Rap moments on the David Letterman show that have been categorized on MTV news. As fans like at Amen Clinics ( are aware, The David Letterman show features actors, artists, singers, rappers and more.

One of the greatest memories on the show was when Eminem gave advice to children. Eminem is still doing rap music, and he has staged a recent comeback. Although Eminem is very popular in rap music, he is also well known for being controversial and being problematic. It’s ironic that Eminem would give any advice to children, especially since he tends to take advice from no one. Another memory was when Jay-Z was in the hot seat, and Jay-Z was questioned about his wife Beyoncé.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are well known to be fiercely protective of their privacy, and Jay-Z tended to dismiss many of the questions that David Letterman was asking him. Who can forget Will Smith? Will Smith is literally the greatest actor out there today, and he’s one of the highest-paid actors, and he is absolutely fun all the time. Will Smith came on the show, and he basically stole the show as he always does with his witty remarks and fun antics.

Streaming Shows Bite Back

The fan base for reality television was at an all-time high in the early 2000s. Reality shows centered on everything from strenuous physical team challenges to 20 bachelorettes trying to find the man of their dreams. The best thing about reality TV, was that networks could have jaw-dropping shows for the price of cheap entertainment. It seemed for every person who wanted to be on a reality TV show, there were ten more waiting in line. There was no shortage of ideas every year for the next big reality hit. However, in recent years the reality TV craze has been on the decline. Many over at Boraie Development LLC feel the storylines and plot twists aren’t inspiring anymore. Viewers are looking for shows with more substance and less useless, theatrical drama. Companies like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are on their way to becoming broadcast knockouts. At an extremely low cost, these streaming companies can reach a solid fan base while having complete creative control. Streaming companies don’t have to beg broadcast networks for permission to do what they want. TV saw a decline in good writing because participants in reality based shows made up their own script. With power house shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards, viewers who want to unplug from reality TV can find their home in streaming companies. Reality TV is on its way to being obsolete. Streaming companies that are producing their own shows are on the rise and are slated to take over television as we know it.

Mad Max is Headed to the Wasteland

Mad Max: Fury Road has only recently opened in theaters and word has been released by director George Miller regarding the title of the next film in the series. Mad Max: The Wasteland is the moniker and fans of the films know “The Wasteland” is the name given to the world Max inhabits.

Some are wondering why a sequel is being green-lighted so fast when the box office receipts are not stellar. For one, the box office take is pretty good. The film earned $109 million world wide its first weekend in release. Likely, the film should pull in over $200 million before really running out of steam. That is not a bomb at all.

Also, the second film in the new Mad Max series was always planned as a go project. Once the first film was completed, the second was to be slated for production. Surely, had this film bombed miserably, the second film in the new trilogy would have been scrapped. While not a hit on the level of Furious 7, the road raging Fury Road did sell a lot of tickets.

Gianfrancesco Genoso noted that the first Mad Max movie did poorly at the U.S. box office, but earned huge sums in other global markets. The Road Warrior was the first hit for the series in the U.S., but it was not a mega box office smash. The third and least violent film was a major smash in the U.S.A.

The moral here is Mad Max: Fury Road could end up being a bigger hit overseas than in the United States. As long as the money rolls in, Warner Bros. is going to be thrilled.


The Antique Wine Company (AWC) is a company dealing with exceptionally fine and rare wines, based in Marylebone, Central London. The company’s founder, Stephen Williams, is still the CEO and has been AWC’s manging director since 1982. Currently, the company is a total success with a broad client base of over 20000 demanders in more than seventy countries. The company is also credited for stocking more than 10000 bottles of fine and rare wines in its cellars. AWC also holds the Guinness world record for selling the most expensive bottle of wine,(an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem) at seventy-five thousand pounds.

The company’s CEO, Stephen Williams was born in Ripley, Derbyshire, the oldest in a family of three children. His father was a cash register seller. Stephene’s parents separated when he was ten years old and and he was raised by his mother. His mothers’s meager income was barely enough to support the whole family. This meant that Stephen, the first born, had to learns the ropes of independence, both physical and financial, at quite a tender age. At times, he would sneak to parties in the neighborhood and drink left-overs of wine set aside for special visitors. He later started selling insurance policies until he resolved it was more nice to sell a thing people could buy time and time again and derive pleasure from it: Wine.

Apart from targeting growth in profits, the Antique Wine Company ensures quality of products they offer. At the heart of the company is an honest will to see to the satisfaction of the wine customers. The company has put up a massive stock of wines to increase the customers choice, operational infrastructure for better customer service and supports personalized client relationship. AWC also provides an online store where clients can conveniently place orders for free wine delivery.

In enhancing revenue, AWC has continuously expanded it’s activities to different parts of the world especially Asia. In August 2014, Stuart Young was appointed as the new Sales director in an effort to realize the companies goal of an expanded market. AWC trading entities were merged in 2013 and AWC Global PLC was formed so as to create a stronger financial base.

Among the companies activities is private wine master classes at AWC’s Wine academy. The company supplies wine to luxury hotels, individuals and restaurants. AWC’s presence has also been felt in many cellar planning events. Find AWC on their Twitter page for more info.

Definite Difference in Style Between DC and Marvel Movies

Marvel and DC are the two big competing entities when it comes to bringing comic book heroes alive on the big screen. Over 40 comic book based movies are planned for release over the next five years, so this is big business. This rivalry is great for the moviegoer, as it is forcing these two comic giants to try to outdo each other, and we the public are the ultimate benefactor. Both companies have put out quality movies, although Marvel does seem to be ahead lately with two extremely successful superhero collaboration movies already out and DC still working on getting their superheroes together for future Justice League type movies. So far, they have just had separate movies for each of their characters such as Superman and Batman according to Marcio Alaor BMG.

There is one general difference in overall style between DC and Marvel movies; DC movies are darker. This is readily apparent in the Batman movies where “The Dark Knight” ended with Batman being chased as a criminal and then losing the woman he loved in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Also, a ton of people must have been killed in Metropolis in “Man of Steel” during that colossal fight against General Zod and his followers. This competition does give moviegoers a clear cut choice. For lighter action fare with some humor, they can go the Marvel route and for darker, grittier style superhero movies they can look forward to DC’s offerings. Those who appreciate both takes on the genre will have the best of both worlds to sample over the next few years.

The Fugitive to Hit Screens Once Again

The legend of The Fugitive is going to continue. Or is it just going to be rebooted? Either way, Warner Bros. has put a new version of The Fugitive into development. Will it be a sequel to the 1993 Harrison Ford movie or a new version? If the film focuses on a new fugitive, will it be a spinoff instead of a direct sequel?

Time will tell although we have to safely assume any new version of The Fugitive is bound to be a hit. The original television show was extremely popular and the final episode did break ratings records. The theatrical film version was a massive hit. The spinoff film U.S. Marshals did quite well, too. Really, the entire concept of tracking down fugitives, innocent and guilty ones, makes for great melodramatic entertainment.

You do have to wonder why Warner Bros. sat on the remake/reboot/sequel rights to the film for so long. Maybe renewed interest in the career of Harrison Ford has something to do with it. The 72 year old actor will be getting a cameo in Blade Runner 2 and he is going to reprise his role of Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie. Perhaps another film with another Harrison Ford cameo is something studios are interested in? Maybe after the reviews come in he will be back in the courtroom with Presumed Innocent 2. Okay, let us not go that far.

Orange Is The New Black Starts June 12th

Orange is the New Black is set to premier on June 12th. I, for one, am one of the people who will be anticipating its arrival. I even have my husband addicted to this show, though I think he watches for another reason all together. The network promises that this season it will have more sexual encounters, more drama and more of the same characters that we have loved since seasons 1 and 2. I can’t wait to see the storyline between Piper and Alex and I don’t really care about the rest of them.

What I love about OITNB is that it boldly goes where no other show dares. It has an element of danger, plenty of lesbian relationships and they show how life really is in a prison setting. Fans like Sam Tabar ( agree that the fact that that show is based on a true story, or loosely so, is another thrill. The first episode that I watched, I admit that I was a little speechless. By the second episode, I was watching with my mouth hung open wide. However, by the third and fourth episodes, I was used to how life really was on the show and learned to roll with the punches.

This show promises to excite and it will deliver. It’s not a flick you can watch with any child under 18, but it’s one of the best forms of adult entertainment on TV.

Jenner Admits To Plumping Lips

In news that surprises no one, little known Kylie Jenner, daughter of Chris and Bruce Jenner and sister of Kim Kardashian, has admitted that she uses lip fillers to plump up her lips.

Fans of the Jenner-Kardashian show TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians that airs on E!, have been wondering for months whether Jenner has gotten plastic surgery on her lips. Jenner practically grew up in front of the lens, and the change was a noticeable one.

Jim Dondero says that up until now, Jenner has denied getting plastic surgery and going under the knife. As people kept asking, she behaved as if she was bored with the question and cited makeup tricks to plump her lips.

Followers on twitter created the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge and challenged themselves to place their mouths inside shot glasses and sucking the air out, creating friction to “plump” their lips. What followed was a disaster. Twitter users were posting pictures of bruised, damaged, and sometimes cut lips online, as the shot glasses sometimes broke under the pressure.

Jenner has finally admitted to getting lip injections, which is technically not going under the knife, but still a form of body modification. To watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we ask that you reconsider.

Liv Takes a Step Back

Brian Torchin and his colleagues agree that IZombie’s Liv often pushes herself into other people’s lives because of her personality and her “gift” from eating human brains. In last night’s episode, she learned that sometimes she has to allow the people around her to live their own lives and make their own mistakes.

Spoiler highlights ahead…

Case: Liv ate the brains of an unloved radio talk show sex expert who died by electrocution after someone rigged her microphone. It turned out that her former partner committed the crime.

Brain change: The woman’s brain had Liv pushing self-help theories about love, relationships and life at everyone. Lowell managed the situation by distracting her with sex. Major, after being beaten up and losing his job, pretended he was listening and then continued down his self-destructive path trying to find the street kids killers. Ravi and Liv had their first fight after she advised him to not try to date Peyton because he wasn’t at Patton’s level. Eventually, he called Peyton and Liv convinced her to go out with him.

Experiments: Ravi and Liv found the zombie rat. Although Ravi wore protective chainmail gloves, the rat bit him.

Twist: Liv saw Blaine walking into Lowell’s building and realized that Blaine is likely Lowell’s dealer. It’s unknown if Lowell has been working for Blaine. The only possible proof is that Blaine revealed to the police captain that Liv is a part of his plan.